Set Mobile Chrome and Firefox To Open Sites in Desktop Mode

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But what makes things even better is the presence of a virtual mouse and trackpad in Puffin Browser. Open up Chrome browser on your Android Phone or tablet 2. Then head to the Settings screen via the three-dot menu at the top-right corner.

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Request Desktop site feature also automatically turns off when you close the current tab on Firefox and open a new tab. Head to the Phony extension page on your device. A prompt should appear asking if you really wish to add the extension to your browser.

In addition, it also provides a built-in ad blocking module, supports multiple themes, and lets you add custom gestures. So, which one is your new favorite browser? The link is usually hidden somewhere at the bottom of the page.

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Conclusion If you are not used to browsing mobile versions of various websites or if you just prefer the desktop versions and do not want to request your browser to load the best vpn to download for your computer for clomplete privacy version each time you visit a website, you can use the above methods to permanently enable the desktop mode on your Android device.

Not every website has this option, so you can use the methods in this article as a quick workaround. If you don't fancy fiddling with settings, you could also try a different browser, like Dolphin Browser HDwhich also comes with the option in the settings. Leave all the other settings alone, and if you want to hide those extra options, then type about:debug again to turn them off.

Set Chrome to Always Open Sites in Desktop Mode

Share your voice. Launch the ES File Explorer app from the app watch us netflix in uk ipad on your device. Then start off by tapping Settings within the Brave menu. It should add the extension to your browser.

How to make your Android browser a desktop browser

Set Firefox to Always Open Sites in Desktop view browser for android Mode If you happen to use Firefox on your Android device, you also have an option to always enable the desktop mode for the websites that you netflix proxy ipad on your device. You can turn the UAString user agent string back, by simply opening up the menu again and switching.

All sites that you visit should now load in desktop mode. Return to your browser and head back to that pesky page.

  1. Within the Site Settings screen, tap the option labeled Desktop Mode.
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  5. Your browser will be seen as a desktop browser when you visit sites.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to use the full desktop version of a website on your mobile device. Head all the way back to the root directory.

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And you are good to go. Request Desktop Version of Website on Chrome for Android Follow the steps below to request desktop version of websites on your Android Phone, while you are using the Chrome browser.

How to Request Desktop Version of Website on Android Phone or Tablet

But you can easily make your Android browser identify itself as a desktop browser and we'll show you how. It's worth noting that if you're lucky enough to have Ice Cream Sandwich, you don't need to do this, as there is a "view desktop version" in the settings menu.

  • Set Mobile Chrome and Firefox To Open Sites in Desktop Mode
  • How to Request Desktop Version of Website on Android Phone or Tablet

In that case, you can just open the desktop version of a website on your device and enjoy the full version of the site. The problem comes about because the Android browser identifies itself as such and the website takes what it thinks is the appropriate action.

Other major features of this provider include more than servers, multiple client apps including those for Firestick how to bypass vpn blocks Roku etc.

Within the Site Settings screen, tap the option labeled Desktop Mode. That should be enough to get your Android to render non-mobile versions of websites. Launch Firefox from the app drawer on your device. Just remember that websites force you into mobile view to maximize your experience on their website, reduce your load time, and save you cellular data.

And the fact that you can configure the browser to always work in desktop mode only sweetens the deal. That's all there is to it. On the subsequent screen, scroll down and tap Site Settings.

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View Desktop Version of Webpages on Android Pretty cool, right?

Here's how it works! Additional configuration settings are also available within the browser's Settings screen. After visiting the website, tap on the 3 dot Chrome icon, located in the top right corner of your screen 4.

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That is where the permission settings for your file are located. To change back to the mobile version of a site, simply uncheck the same box. Just try it out.

Puffin Browser (Android and iOS)

Occasionally you'll still run into a mobile site, but generally speaking they will no longer be a problem. Open up UAString and select Desktop. Option 1 — Google Chrome Setting Google Chrome for Android provides a handy option for quickly viewing the desktop version of websites.

You should now see a dropdown menu from where you can change the user agent for your browser.

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Some websites disable certain features from their mobile version that they may deem unnecessary or bandwidth-intensive. Next tap on the 3 dot menu icon 3.

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The page will again automatically refresh for you. Once you're at the Settings screen, you should see an option labeled Website Preference. Tap it, and then select Request Desktop Site on the subsequent screen. Note: Brave Browser is also available on iOS, but it lacks the functionality to load desktop sites by default. Please post in the comments section below.

On the subsequent screen, tap User Agent.